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Stop tagging at facebook

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Baal Veer
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Stop tagging at facebook

Post by Baal Veer » Sun Jul 08, 2018 2:12 am

As mentioned earlier, there is no way to stop any of your friends from tagging you on Facebook, but you can decide how the tagged photos and videos will appear on your Facebook Timeline. To control this, go to your Facebook Privacy Setting menu from the top right corner of your Facebook page.

Privacy Settings
In the Privacy Settings page, scroll down to the Timeline and Tagging section and click on Edit Settings.

Timeline and Tagging
A popup window will appear, click on the Review posts friends tag you section.

Review Tag
Click the drop-down menu to select Enabled
After selecting this option, every photo or video you are tagged in will be hold up for your review and approval before it gets posted on your Timeline.

Take note that, according to Facebook, if you select this option, your friends can still tag you and the tags may appear elsewhere on Facebook, but not on your Timeline until you decide to approve it.

so must use this best facebook tips and tricks 2018 to stop tagging.

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